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Harrisonburg Race Report

Harrisonburg_Start_2014Many congratulations to our five racers at the Harrisonburg stage of the VA High School Mountain Bike Series which took place Saturday morning.  Maya Block, Ella House, Ellie Hoskins, Lucia Hoskins, and Kit Tremaglio all completed the highly technical, 3 mile loop in between 35 and 45 minutes.

On the course with JV and Varsity HS riders, the girls climbed and rode through miles of technical, rocky single-track terrain.  Its truly an incredible feat.  In particular, we’d like to recognize Maya and Kit, both first time racers, who tackled the course with determination, effort, and sportswomanship — all of the qualities we hold in highest regard on our team.  Many congratulations to each of our riders.

Tim, Andy, and Joe