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Practice 3 Report From Harper and Lucia

graceThis week in practice we worked on balance, looking ahead, and gears. We balanced on a long ramp, riding slowly, then jumped off at the end. It was hard but fun. We also went down a hill, practicing shifting through all of our gears.  Joe also told us how the gears worked.  We had two people volunteer to lead our stretches [Maya and Nonie].  After that they taught us how to go over obstacles in our paths. We jumped over logs, slightly lifting up the front wheel when encountering the log. At the end we just started riding around, using all of our techniques we had just learned. My favorite part was jumping over the logs! The bike team is a fun, and great learning experience. We also can’t wait ’till we go on a special trip to the Miller School!

Harper Tidwell and Lucia Hoskins